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The Progressive House platform exclusively dedicated to supporting DJs, producers, artists and labels connect with new audiences





Black Label is 21CPH's platform where we have the privilege of hosting industry professionals and open ourselves up for beautifully crafted, unrestricted and explorative guest mixes.

Black Label Sets


At the centre of 21CPH is its music platform.  We only host the latest and best quality progressive mixes in a single location which creates strong and enduring connections between both DJs, artists and listeners.


Hearing a mix is just one part of a much larger story which has been many years in the making and explaining that story can, at times be quite cryptic.  Setting up a DJ Profile enables DJs to connected with listeners in a much more authentic way, building up new persepectives about their experience, history, inspirations and motivations.  In addition a profile is also an opportunity to provide an early insight about projects and plans for the future.  In short, a DJ Profile reduces the connection distance between DJs and the listeners, creating a much more enjoyable and enriching listener experience. 


Without progressive events, there is no progressive music.  To say that the live progressive scene is experiencing a renaissance might sound cliché but it is a fact.  The size of the venues may have changed, but the passion has never been quelled and progressive music is coming back with real resurgence.

21CPH has a broad base of promoters amongst its ranks, currently putting on some of the biggest and best progressive nights.

Unless you know where to look there's a good chance you're missing most of the best progressive events.  21CPH has that covered.  21CPH Events page enables its member to keep up to date with forthcoming progressive nights by putting the promoters in control.  21CPH allows promoters to publicise their progressive nights in a single location, helping to create excitement and build awareness.


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