The latest and best progressive house


  1. Email your mix submission as a Soundcloud, private, downloadable link or audio (MP3, WAV etc) file to admin@21cprogressivehouse.com;

  2. Mixes should be a minimum of 60 mins long and be predominantly progressive house;

  3. Mix submissions need to be named (Copy & Paste the following): [Your name] - 21CPH Mix Of The Month [name of month] 2020;

  4. A full track list has to be provided including artist, [mix] and label - we are keen to attribute tracks to artists and labels as much as possible;


  1. Mixes will be posted to the relevant 21CPH Soundcloud Mix Of The Month (MOTM) playlist; 21CPH Facebook Group and www.21cprogressivehouse.com;

  2. Mixes will be loaded to the 21CPH Soundcloud MOTM playlist and website in random order;

  3. The winner of each MOTM will be determined be the highest point score based on a point system: 1 point per 'listen'; 2 points per 'share' and 2 point per 'like'. All Listens, share and likes will be counted only from the 21CPH Soundcloud MOTM and MOTM website playlist on the last calendar day of that month at 7PM (UTC -10);

  4. Mix submissions provided seven days prior to the first day of the next calendar month will be available on the 21CPH Soundcloud MOTM playlist on the first day of the month at 12AM (UTC -10);

  5. Mix submissions received later than seven days prior to the first day of the next calendar month will be posted to the 21CPH Soundcloud MOTM playlist when time allows;

  6. A MOTM winner cannot enter the MOTM competition again in the same year;

  7. Each MOTM qualifier is limited to a maximum of 21 entrants;

  8. The eleven MOTM winners and highest scoring runner up will qualify for the Mix Of The Year competition in December 2020;

  9. The twelfth placed MOTM winner will be the DJ who scored the highest second place across all of the previous months and this will be announced on the last day of November 2020 at 7PM (UTC -10);

  10. The MOTY competition will open on the first day of December 2020 at 12AM (UTC -10). The winner will be determined based a combination of points and a 21CPH judging panel and MOTY winner will be announced on 30 December 2020 at 7PM UTC;

  11. Mix Of The Year (MOTY) competition submissions must be an exclusive, 90 minute mix and must not include any radio idents/personal introductions/voice overs etc;

  12. A 21CPH audio introduction will be added to each MOTY submission once the sound file has been submitted;

  13. All MOTY submission must include a full tracklist, including artist - (remix) & [record label];

  14. All fees associated with the conversion and transfer of the cash prize will be deducted from the prize amount;

  15. Any currency conversion will be based on the amount of $500 Australian dollars at the date the money is transferred;

  16. All travel and accommodation costs and living expense attributed to the Music Is The Answer prize will be borne entirely by the MOTY winner;

  17. Prize details will be confirmed once the winner has been announced;

  18. Prizes or parts of the prizes cannot be substituted;

  19. If any part of the prize(s) are not taken it or they will be awarded to the runner up;

  20. The 21CPH Administrator and Moderator(s) have the final decision and the right to amend the Rules at any time;

  21. Any member of the 21CPH Facebook group can enter with the exception of the Administrator and Moderator(s);

  22. Entries must be 18+