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George Panagoulopoulos aka Stage Van H was born and raised in Holland. Stage has been DJ-ing since November '85, playing at major clubs, events and festivals in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Greece & the islands and other Eastern European countries,In the 90’ties he moved to Greece where he was one of the pioneers of progressive house music in this country for over 10 years. In early 2005, alongside his young greek studio & booth-mate Tash they released their debut album 'Movement'  and launching at the same time their own electronic music record-label entitled Movement Recordings. He also started collaborating with other producers and released various tracks with them, mostly on the labels Just Movement, Movement Rec., Abstract Space Records , Addictive Sounds, Balkan Connection and Massive Harmony.When he moved back to Holland in 2013, he worked closely with Rogier and his brother Alex Panagoulopoulos. Together with his brother they started the label Just Movement where he is one of the main producers.

On this label he released his first solo album Just The Beginning in 2014 and produced hundreds of releases at several labels in 4 years in which his productions got a lot of attention at Beatport, Release promo etc.

 After moving to England at the end of 2015 he is doing the finishing touches on his forthcoming chill out album Musical Freedom and a Greek Progressive Bootleg Album as well.

Nowadays he is producing full on and still playing as a DJ with upcoming gigs in Holland,United Kingdom and Greece,  where he plays his own music and celebrates his 3 decades of Dj-ing !

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