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rAin’s ability to create the perfect blend between ethereal melody and strong rhythm gives the him the power to travel within a musical eclecticism which derives from stringent emotional feeling.

Rich in cultural diversity, his uncompromising talent comes from influences that go far into the musical timeline, from the likes of Depeche mode, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, to more contemporary artist such as James holden, Max Cooper, Paul Van Dyk, jaytech , Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Sasha & digweed to name a few.

Synonymous to the universal approach towards electronic music, the name rAin symoolizes the transcending nature of music that knows no boundaries .

rAin has played with Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Sebastien Leger, Sahar Z, Patrice Baumel, Praveen Achary , Stephan Bodzin, John Acquaviva, Khen, MUUI and many more.

Music supported by Nick Warren, Khen, Tim penner, Armin Van Buuren, Solar Stone, Nick Varon, Atish, Darin Epsilon, Paul Hazendonk, Michael A, Praveen Achary and many more,

Releases: Balkan Connection, Genesis Music, Juicebox Music, Manual Music, 3rd Avenue, Massive Harmony Records, BC2, PHW elements, Strangers Beats, Stellar Fountain, Mistique Music, Soundteller records

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