The latest and best progressive house


The return of a prodigal son of prog, it could be said – has bolstered the scene during strange days. From the very beginnings of what we now call progressive house, Nigel Dawson saw the foundations built and had some important plays in how it was built. In the nineties and Renaissance’s colossal influence on dance music; Dawson was a resident DJ for the Mansfield-based club night and brand from 1992, then at The Cross in London for years at the start of the new millennium - as well as creating huge musical tracks as Dominion.


Now, over a quarter of a century later and based on the other side of the world in Sydney, where he has resided for over a decade - he has made a comeback in this year of uncertainties – but with a definite thump. His recent mixes have created excitement and a new buzz, so has the return of his Dominion self – with re-releases and remixes from some big artists forthcoming. Progressive House and its global following is certainly licking its lips at what is to come for the future with Nigel Dawson back on board.