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21CPH will never be accused of following the herd.  We never sit still and are always looking for new and creative ways to bring more texture and meaning to our philosophy, in pursuit of our aim: connecting with new audiences who want to hear the latest and best progressive house music.

That is why we are excited to announce our game changing Mix Competition for 2020.

First up; we believe that a competition should have a reward.  Not just kudos and peer respect, which is undeniably worthy, but also something tangible and experiential.  We hold true that time, passion and creativity have real value and also comes at a cost.

Starting on January 1st 2020, 21CPH will be holding a Mix of The Month competition, culminating in twelve winners going into the final 21CPH Mix Of The Year competition in December 2020.

So how is this different? 21CPH is offering an incredible three-part prize to the Mix of the Year winner in recognition of the time, passion, energy and effort it will require to take this competition out.

  • 1. $500AUD (or equivalent currency of choice - FX rate converted on 31 December 2020), and

  • 2. A profile enhancing, guest spot at a Music is the Answer. event in 2021, and

  • 3. Inclusion in a number of our online 21CPH Events in 2021 (just take a look at our Odyssey event in August 2020!)

It's entirely up to you to take all or some of the prizes as we recognise that playing in the UK may not be accessible to everyone. If there's a prize(s) left over it will go to the runner up.

There's a few conditions attached to ensure its all fair, so if this sounds interesting and you want to test yourself and maybe end up playing at MitA, send us an email for further details and we'll be in contact.

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