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The Producer


Known for his diverse projects and codenames, the experienced DJ & Producer is no new figure in the electronic music industry and carries with him a great international prestige of 2 decades of music.


Owner of an extensive discography between dance floor projects all the way to compositions for films and tv, Danny begun to get the attention of djs still back in the days of Trance. His track “Hold On” was played by Tiesto in numerous events, that gave Danny a closer professional relationship with the big DJ at the time, consequently, Tiesto would invite him for a series of gigs during his career.


One of his big projects was the remix for Marco V’s “False Light”. The interpretation called a lot of attention for it’s broken beats in a mixture of Breakbeat together with Trance, giving the young producer a big list of support from Djs and reaching the top charts in sales in Digital stores at the time.


His original track. “Drop It”, released by the English label Discover, was one of his biggest success. The track became an instant favorite to Djs like Paul van Dyk. The track was played in many festivals and made many magazine features, the famous Top 10 from Mixmag, and DJ Mag’s Track of the Month that wrote "An irresistible slice of genres defying genius" (uma irresistível mistura de gêneros que desafia a genialidade) - DJ Mag 2007.


In 2009 the producer started one of his most energetic projects to date, Danny Loko. Starting with the track “Somos Nozes” that reached the Beatport ’s Progressive House Top 10 charts. After remixing a few artists, the Look guise struck “Coastal”, an original work from Danny, signed to Anjunadeep in 2001, receiving a remix from Eelke Kleijn and a big praise in the scene.


But it was in 2012 that the man from São Paulo would conquer the hearts of the underground music lovers. DNYO - was the project that mostly brought admiration and respect through out the world, scoring tours all the way up to Lebanon. Initially, the project represented a blend of styles that the producer loved in a very unique way, House, Techno and Electronica, there were no limits, in an era where he was the only one in Brazil producing this style. The attention was so much that Danny was one of the 14 selected producers on the list of 2 thousand entries in the Sasha & Burn Energy Drink Remix Competition in Ibiza, placing him self in second in the competition, all though, wining for best interpretation, the final decision would also count for social media numbers in which he came in second. His interpretation for Sasha’s “Cut Me Down” is still today mentioned as “a rare painting” by the Burn Energy Drink team and by many Progressive House lovers alike.

In 2012 Danny released his first EP in the Canadian Microcastle. The thematic “Aquatika” and “Belvedere” was a true vision of underground music, taking the progressive house scene by storm. Smashed by Pete Tong, Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo in a serie of events, bringing acknowledgement and recognition in a global label to Danny’s work.


The release counted with the interpretations from Barry Jamieson, Andre Sobota (Bungle), Luis Junior & Max Cooper. The producer went to make tons of original works and remixes. The “Echo” EP on Proton Music, “From North” in Cid Inc’s Replug, the big remix for Quivver’s “The Fog”, the second EP on Microcastle “Grainphaser” and the critically acclaimed remix for Andre Sobota’s “Signal”, considered one of his biggest interpretations till today.

In 2015 The producer released “Kiss The Sky Baby”. Called as “An Epic Journey” by New York’s Output resident Rory James, considered by many a “magic touch of nostalgia” in which the track brought a very strong memory back form the Trance days right into his actual sound. “Stargazer” on Chapter 24 was one of the producer’s biggest releases. The track reached much appreciated feedback getting plays from the scene’s biggest jocks like Sasha & Pete Tong.


2016 was a big year for the producer. Danny begun a new phase in his career by being one of the idealists behind the growth and success of the Brazilian label Not Another, where the first release was one of Danny’s most exiting works together with Spanish producer Fran Von Vie, “Where Dreams Lie”, one of the most appreciated tracks from the label’s catalogue, brining great results for the beginning of the brand.

In 2017 Danny took a pause, opting to take the year off to produce album material that would see the light in 2018-19.


Today, the producer is back in action. Starting with his most prestigious guise, DNYO, keeping the melodic influences strong, he begins the year off with the first release in the Brazilian label Timeless Moment. “Cypher” was played by many Djs through out the world.


A tastes of whats to come, the producer has collaborated for Quivver’s new Album “Rekonstruct” with a track called “Reaction”. Quivver’s remix of the track is already Danny’s second best selling track on Beatport. “Reaction” is part of the 1st forth coming album from the DNYO project, whilst preparing a more robust sound for the Danny Oliveira guise, maintaining his love for Techno. 2019 also sees the day for Danny’s own imprint, DSR® - Deep Space Is Real - home for the new talent and for his own productions.

The DJ

Technique and attention to the dance floor, are two essential demands for Danny, probably the most important ones for any DJ’s growth in the industry. Danny has been spinning records for 17 years now. The taste for Techno and Trance alike sounds, developed at an early age. It started at a web based radio station called “Tranceairwaves” where the Paulistano had a radio program called “Sambatronic”. The radio show quickly gathered many fans for it’s differential in blending these styles, Danny would spin records from Carl Cox’es Intec imprint to big trance records from Tiesto’s Blackhole.


In 2005 Danny played at the oficial New Years Eve of Rio de Janeiro, held in Ipanema Beach for an intense crowd of five thousand people.


But the DJ only hit the spotlight in the Brazilian scene in 2006, when he was invited by Tiesto to participate in a series of his shows through out the country and abroad. Little did he know that these events, were to become highlights of Danny’s career as a DJ.


At the time Danny had put out a single called “Drop It”, the track hit the summer with strong support from the Trance-Techno scene. It was featured on DjMag’s track of month as “an Irresistible slice of genre defying genius” and also selected in Paul Van Dyk’s top10 chart on Mixmag. Weeks after the release, Tiesto invited Danny to play a Progressive House warm up set at the “In Search Of Sunrise” release party in Berlin at clube E-Werk, and knowing his skills from spinning faster Techno music, he then invited him to play at his “Dance 4 Life” truck at the Loveparede. At the time, Danny was 22 years of age. “I remember going up to the decks, getting ready to start my set and staring at an ocean of clubbers, ravers, dancers, of all ages, of all colors, of all races, and that felt, still feels like nothing i’ve ever felt before.”


The DJ decided to stay in Amsterdam, further developing his skills and relations.


Danny received further mentions later the following year, At Tiesto’s radio show Club For Life, he was called at the time as “the best producer from Brazil”. That had a big effect back in his hometown scene, where he toured in clubs São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. One of them, being a huge highlight was Technodelic in Mato Grosso, where Danny was headlining a very regional festival at the time, a very special date for that era.


Further more that year, he went back to Europe, some of the highlights were the Sunrise Festival in Poland, Heineken FFD in the Netherlands and Mystery Land in Belgium.

At the end of 2007 he was back in Brazil for his debut at the underground scene of São Paulo, at club Manga Rosa. His debut set was a showcase of original unreleased material, some of the dj’s most historic nights in his home town. The club, famous for it’s techno origins, welcomed Danny’s Tech-Trance sound, breeding a new fan base in the city. Another highlight was the club’s 7th year anniversary with Ferry Corsten. Danny opened for the Trance icon and then closed out the night, a very special night for the DJ.


Throughout 2008 Danny headlined at clubs like Anzu, Zenith, Nox, Green Valley and Dama de Ferro. Also continuing his prestigious partnership with Tiesto, being part of Tieto’s “Brazil Summer Tour” warming-up for the dutch icon in Vitória and closing in Camboriu and Belo Horizonte.  Another highlight was playing after Paul van Dyk at Espaço Anchieta, a big night for the DJ.


In 2009 Danny begun traveling abroad with his DNYO sound. The 1st release on Microcastle saw it’s success to great acclaim in the Progressive House scene, beginning in Argentina, where still to this date, is the strongest Progressive House scene in the world.


In 2010 the DJ saw his debut in Lebanon, where he played at a few parties in Beirut and Faraya, clubs B.018 and Rubik.


The cities of Beirut and Buenos Aires, Rio, São Paulo, hold some of the biggest fans of the DNYO sound to date. Cities where the DJ has a strong connection through his prolific guise.


Today, like before, but more than ever, Danny still seeks the connections between his productions and his travels, he quotes: “It is the ultimate gift to be able to make music, serve that music to the public and travel the world because of it.”


2019 “is the year i let the dragons fly”  Quotes the DJ when talking about his upcoming albums in both of his guises. “Techno he’s been in there since the beginning, but also Trance, but also House. The best way i can appreciate the endless passion and the love i have for these genre’s that made part of my life is to take my time and find my self in the studio and deliver my vision. I can feel the relief, as this is starting to finally happen.”


Danny has been spinning these sounds in Brazil throughout 2018 - 19, road testing, finding a connection with the dance floor. There are only a few recordings made of these club nights.

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