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The latest and best progressive house


21C Progressive House (21CPH) was created when two strangers, one from Australia and the other from Scotland struck up a conversation in the well respected Facebook group; Progressive House Classics.

Following that chance encounter, it was clear that both James and Rob shared a real passion for progressive music, and the 21 Progressive House Facebook group was created.  Within 6 months the group had attracted more than 1500 members from around the world, including many renowned progressive DJs, producers, artists and labels.  In fact, we would say that the quality of 21CPH’s membership makes 21CPH unique.

The Facebook group remains a key 21CPH platform.  Click the Facebook link at the top of the page to see the latest mixes and tracks posted to the group.

21CPH Philosophy

The 21CPH philosophy is simple: providing a platform exclusively dedicated to supporting the latest and best progressive music.  This philosophy enables us to focus on one aim: connecting our members with new audiences who want to hear the latest and best progressive music.

We pride ourselves on being open to anyone who is passionate about quality progressive music, regardless of whether you are a listener, resident, club, or bedroom DJ, successful producer or dabble on Ableton/FL Studio; we live our members passion, respect their talents and we work hard to create a higher quality experience which converts in to a quantifiable measurement; listeners and followers.

This focus on both ends of the channel differentiates 21CPH.

All we ask is members respect the 21CPH philosophy and strive to keep their standards high, as this approach has created a highly engaged community which delivers incredible progressive music. If you have passion for progressive music, 21CPH is the place for you.


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